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Mixtape & Ideas & Words: 


Mastering & Ideas & Video Editing: 

Marcelo Oriano

I have my own interpretation of the Hero's Journey in which the hardest part is not supposed to be the so-called abyss but a rainbow, and I assume that every single day of the summer can be related as a personal journey and every achievement in life can be described as a twenty-four-hour summer day. 


Here's the idea:

A colorful journey.


In the morning everything seems to be nice, hot and bright as a typical day on earth under the sun


It's The Need, it's The Summer Day


A red-hot day, so things will keep getting hotter and hotter.


But at some point you start to move and there you go, a call for an adventure, and you feel like you just need to do something. 


Not the same need that made you to get off the bed early, but somehow the air became different, it is a change, a fresh start, and so the day moves, and it changes with you.


Go, it's The Wind.


Now things look a little messy, the sky turned into a place divided by colors, but you still have the sun and the light of the day so you keep going and then, as fast as you can see, suddenly a dark and scary gray sky became the only way. 


Here comes the doubt, the fear, the uncertain.


Time for The Search, it's The Rain


How could a perfect summer day have turned into something that seems so wrong? 


You still need to go, but at the same time you want to run away of what you expected your mission was.


No matter how you feel or what direction you look, it's raining, behind you it was raining, in front of you it will be raining, if you stop it still will be raining. 


But you are hearing the call again so you can't come back, and you don't want to stop, you keep your head down and your eyes a little closed, take a deep breath and move forward. 


And then something really strange happens.


It's still raining, but now you can see the sun again, you still feel the wind but now a little warm again, it's still dark but at same time bright again, gray and blue, hard and soft, rough and smooth, doubts and answers and wet and dry, so you put your shoulders back and move your head up, and now you see colors, a revelation of colors. 


It's The Find


It's The Rainbow


The hardest part of your journey is the enlightenment, and it's hard only because it's not easy to believe that it's possible, and believe it's about enjoying the process. 


To find something isn't really the end, in fact is a new beginning, the hyssop who elevates you to a new level, a revelation and also a reminder, and a Dolly Parton poem: 


Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but there can't be a rainbow without a little rain.


After all this strange and sweet mess, it's time to clearly see all you have been searching for and sometimes, more than you have awaited or imagined. 


At this point you have found your own light and colors and certainly the world is not the same anymore, not even you.


It's The Take, welcome to The Aftermath.


And then you find yourself in a moment between time and space where your mind seems to be empty, and your body feels like a Christian in Christian Sands, safe and recovered, and the blue of the daylight became a little more blue.


Time for The Return, it's The Chill.


But, I mean, BUT, it's still a journey, and now you put your feet moving on again but in a different way, you are ready for another round with your back, and your mind, stronger.


And then comes the dark again, but you have the moon and the stars to light your way and, as I said lines ago, your own light and colors.


It's The Change, it's The Summer Night.


It's a new you, it's a journey. 

A colorful journey. 




You've got the heat, the wind and the rain, and now you are ready to do it again.


Maybe in the morning you felt that it was too soon, but now you can do a little bit more than man on the moon.


Be the summer of someone's winter, be the water out of the splinter.

Be the snail on a page of someone's book, be the hero with the sword you took.


If out of your Plato's Cave everyone seems dumb and blind, just live your life and leave them all behind. 

Life worth the dimes and the forced rhymes you put in, and pressure make diamonds if you keep them within. 




About the mixtape:


48 songs and references, songs and thoughts and lyrics that are frequently moving in my mind, so one day I bought Farah's Theme and decided to put all of them together in a three-hour mixtape set around her. 


Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul Music, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass and more Dub, Trip Hop, Trap, Half Tempo, Autonomic Music, G-Funk and New Soul, a nice way to show some colors in music that reminds me a perfect summer day that leads to a music video collage, a twenty-four-hour Hero's Journey summer day and a three-hour VHS music video mixtape, an audiovisual experience with a lot of easter eggs, subliminal messages, thoughts and funny surprises, those who try will get it, idealized by me and co-created with and edited by my dear friend Marcelo Oriano. 




((( Maya Angelou - On The Pulse Of Morning )))

Erykah Badu - Rimshot

Children Of Zeus - Smoke With Me

Erykah Badu - On & On


Tyler, The Creator - Sam Is Dead


Erykah Badu - Danger


US3 - Cruisin'


Gil Scott-Heron - Angel Dust

(The Reflex Revision)

Tyler the Creator - Rusty


Danny Scrilla - Clockwerkz

((( Calibre - Thirst Dub )))

Bukez Finezt - Under Control

(Submarine Remix)

Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction

((( Dillinja - In The Grind )))

Bredren - Aversive

Commix - Daggers Dub

((( Dr Dre's Street's Advice )))

Fink - Pretty Little Thing

(Mauoq Bootleg)

Random Movement - Yeah That's It

Serum - Mixed Grill

dBridge - No Name Soul

LTJ Bukem - Sunrain

Loxy & Genotype - Farah's Theme 

((( Horace Andy - Do You Love My Music? )))

Beastie Respond - Continuous

CMX & dBridge - Tesserae

((( ST Files - Eric Bristow )))

Mauoq - Free the Past (VIP)

Hidden Turn & Seo - Passing

Mauoq - Voids

(Conduct Remix)

Mauoq - Scriven Dub

(Original Mix)

Bredren - The Sewers 

Drake & Beyoncé - Can I


Fine Cut Bodies & Fink - Route

Rhi - Roar

Kalya Scintilla - Unseen

Milez Benjiman - Chop That Wood


Milez Benjiman - Chop That Wood

Kelis - Bossy


Ritchie Brains - Game Shades

Lopez - 4 Ever More

Luniz - I Got Five On It

The Pharcyde - Y

(J Dilla Remix)


Mr. Westcoast Beats - Doggystyle

Jensen Interceptor - Shape Lurks 

Kalya Scintilla - Manzanita

Dr Dre - Been There Done That

((( Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy )))


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